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New Video
Two new videos NOW AVAILABLE for viewing on YouTube. Click links below:
God's Love Story (part 1)
Click for pdf of bible references
God's Love Story (part 2)
Click for pdf of bible references

Free Magazines
Light on a New World is a free magazine on Bible topics published around four times a year in A5 size and about 36 pages. You can view them online, print a copy or save the .PDF file for viewing on your eBook or tablet. Click here to visit our sister page Light on a New World the latest edition and an archive of previous copies. All freely downloadable to any device.

Something to Think About

We have added an extra section to our web site titled "Something to Think About".

In this section we will be including short articles on a wide range of topics that are designed to give you something to think about. Some reference widespred beliefs or ideas, while others might prompt you to sk yourself "does this make sense". We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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An Invitation
The Word of God is to be shared. We welcome visitors and would be pleased to meet interested friends in a mutually convenient and public location as our first point of contact.

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