Blind Faith Part 2

Blind Faith Part 2

(Occam’s Razor)

In part 1 we learned scientists assume the Bible is false with a hypothesis called uniformitarianism. Now we will look at another hypothesis in which scientists assume on blind faith that the Bible is a lie. This hypothesis is called Occam’s Razor, or Ockham’s Razor.

When scientists assume on blind faith that Occam’s Razor is true, they believe the unknown should be interpreted in terms of the known. Here is how scientists who believe in Occam’s Razor on blind faith reason when they approach the Bible:

Ha! So you say the Red Sea parted and the children of Israel crossed it on dry ground. A likely story! Nothing like this is known to have happened, so obviously it never happened that way.

There is only one case in all of all human history where a virgin has claimed to conceive a child by the Holy Spirit. Since no known example has ever happened, we believe Jesus was conceived by a simple act of adultery.

Known examples of resurrection after three days of death just aren’t there. Therefore we are to reject the notion that Jesus was raised from the dead

Scientists reject the Bible on blind faith because they adhere to ‘Occam’s Razor’.

Decisions based on flawed facts will be flawed decisons and cannot be trusted !

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