Brief History of the Dawn Christadelphians

Brief History of the Dawn Christadelphians

The Christadelphians began in 1848 with the publication of a book called “Elpis Israel”, by John Thomas. This book is not considered Scripture, and is still in print.

The sect existed until 1864 without a name for the sect worldwide. At this time the United States government asked John Thomas to choose a name for the sect worldwide.

The name Christadelphian was chosen. It means brothers of Christ in Greek. As brothers and sisters in Christ we are all equal to each other, and hence have no clergy. Religious services are meant to supplement daily Bible study.

In the nineteenth century, when the Christadelphians began, divorce was almost non-existent, but by the middle of the twentieth century, divorce was becoming accepted. A group of Christadelphians broke off other sects of Christadelphians because of their stand on divorce, remarriage after divorce, and fellowship. They called themselves Dawn Christadelphians after the Dawn Christadelphian Ecclesial Magazine.

In November of 2007 the Lightstand Fellowship joined the Dawn Christadelphians. This is because the doctrines of the two fellowships are the same. The united fellowship calls itself Dawn Christadelphians.

Presently, Dawn Christadelphians do missionary work on the web. Popular Dawn Christadelphian websites include:, and If you would like information on Dawn Christadelphians in another language, check out or

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