Challenge to Evolutionists

Challenge to Evolutionists

We have a new YouTube video on evolution.

There are questions evolutionists find hard to answer. Can anyone answer them for me?

I notice in my personal life that nothing happens without effort. Meals do not cook themselves: houses do not build themselves. How can anything as complex as life or the universe just happen without an infinite mind behind the project?

Why are fossils in distinct strata? If these fossils prove evolution, this would mean several times in history life changed all at once. Why is this?

The earliest fossils are the Cambrian ones. They appear all at once without anything before them. Why are there no simpler fossils before them?

Evolution is supposed to happen because of mutations, yet most mutations are harmful. Can evolution explain this?

The order of fossils in the strata do not follow evolutionary sequence. Mammals appear before birds, and primates appear before lower mammals. How can this be explained?

The development of the unborn is supposed to follow the evolutionary history of the species. Yet the head of an unborn child is huge, and the respiratory surface of the lung is one of the last things to develop in a baby. Explain.

Can an evolutionist accept the challenge, and answer these questions for me?

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