Literature for Download

Literature for Download

Light On A New World – Free Magazine

Every quarter our sister site creates a free online magazine in which you can find many Bible based articles. You can get any back copy from their website, download the latest PDF, or if you don’t have a PDF reader you can read it in your browser.

You can get the latest copy (or any back copy) from their website, or you can read it online, or download it.

Please see the following two books by Peter Southgate, designed to show you the basic ideas from the Bible:

Our latest audio downloads (mp3) are now available.

God Manifestation

God Manifestation – In Jesus

God Manifestation In The Angels

Click the link to download the Bible Course in PDF format

Please download (in pdf format) a short article on

2011 was the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. If you wish, you can download a free 52 page booklet on the King James Bible in pdf format.