Science and the Bible

Science and the Bible

Some people say science contradicts the Bible. These people ignore the fact that all sciences are not equally scientific. It is only the least scientific of the sciences that seem to contradict the Bible.

Science accumulates knowledge three ways: by logical systematic accumulation of knowledge, by observation, and by the scientific method.

The science that accumulates knowledge by logical means is math. Mathematics is never used to disprove the Bible.

Early human history increased scientific knowledge by observation. How long a period elapsed between the time a species laid its eggs and the time its eggs hatched is an example of scientific knowledge gained by observation.

The most scientific sciences are math, physics, chemistry, and engineering. For example in chemistry a scientist does an experiment on copper, and applies the result of the experiment to copper. These reliable sciences never claim to disagree with the Bible.

Psychology, and sociology are less reliable sciences. For example, in psychology scientists do experiments on pigs, and apply the results to people.

The least reliable of the sciences are historical geology, and historical biology. In the first place, at the dawn of time no scientist was present making observations. In the second place, you cannot put billions of years into a test tube. It is these unreliable sciences that claim to disagree with the Bible.

Don’t be spooked by science, as not all sciences are equally scientific.

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