What is 666?

What is 666?

The number 666 is held in fear by many Christians. Revelation 13:18 says, “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six!” (NASB)

In Hebrew Adonikam means “Lord of the Enemy”. Six hundred sixty-six exiles returned to the Holy Land with him. (Ezra 2:13, Neh. 7:8)

To understand the meaning of this number, we must first realize letters have numerical values. In the Latin alphabet I, V, X, C, D, and M are also numbers. In Greek, and in Hebrew every letter of the alphabet is also a number.

Because of this, if you want to know the numerical value of a word, you add up the numbers of the letters of the word. There are many ways this method shows the number 666 refers to the Roman Catholic Church.

The numerical value of the word Lateinos, meaning Latin, is 666. By a decree of a pope, Latin became the official language of the Roman Catholic Church in 666 AD.

The title for the pope in Latin is Vicarivs Filii Dei. Its numerical value is 666.

The official signature of the pope is High Priest, which is in Latin Dvx Cleri. This has the numeric value of 666.

The Hebrew word for the Roman power is Romiith, which has the numerical value of 666. Romiith comes from Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome.

So no matter how you look at it, 666 refers to the Roman Catholic Church.

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